Perth Creative Commons

Perth Creative Commons is a proposal for the redevelopment of Perth's inner city edge. This transportation corridor is often the first impression many visitors experience when arriving in Perth. The Creative Commons is set to be Perth's new welcoming face developed by the community for the community. The proposal has a particular focus on creatives, entrepreneurs and those who wish to engage in community lead development. The scheme also includes remodeling the train station focusing on permeability, consolidation and ease of travel.

Perth Creative Commons consists of two key components. The physical environment and s complex social network. These aspects are knitted together through this online portal. The CC Navigator (Creative Commons Navigator) offers a platform for open source construction including detailed drawings and plans for residential and commercial units developed on site by members of the community. This helps inspire further self build development and communal efficiency. The portal also allows for community engagement and creative expression through a number of locations which can be explored through this website. This platform allows any individual the opportunity to submit a proposal for temporary interventions and events such as art works, gatherings, street markets, seminars, courses, workshops, festivals... the possibilities are endless. These locations are marked by the following icon.